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A Strategy of Appeasement is Over and Multiple Paths Forward Are Opening

"It's our job to make a movement so big and so beautiful that we get the best legislation possible because they're so afraid of what ...
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What Do Virality and Internet Popularity Have to do with Social Change?

Virality has several key components. We discuss it on the Stop the Presses webcast along with its relationship between social media popularity and on-line and off-line organizing ...
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From Seattle to Phoenix: A 10 Year Movement Update

This essay, written by B. Loewe in the Fall of 2010, is included in the astonishing anthology We Have Not Been Moved available at PM Press. In 1999, ...
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Grief, Compassion, and Vision: Reflections on Brueggeman’s Prophetic Imagination

Also published in Auburn Seminary's Mountain Top Series: Writing in 1979, Walter Brueggeman turned to the old and new testament to reflect on the role ...
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Grassroots Experience. 

On Point consulting is grounded in our own experience participating and leading social change efforts at the local and national level.

Unique Customization.

No one scenario is exactly the same and no cookie cutter approaches apply. We customize each project looking for where best practices work and where it’s navigating new terrain.

Strategic Communications. 

Specializing in the marriage of on-the-ground organizing and on-line and air-game communications to change the story, control the narrative, and win the debate.

Believers in Innovation. 

Innovation honors the legacy of those who came before and breaks out to experiment, succeed, fail, and discover new solutions to old problems.

Creative Consulting. 

In everything there is a science and an art to success. On Point engages all sides of the brain and all skillsets of the team to discover the best solutions and and uncover what lies outside the box.